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Just Add Water to Help Your Dog Heal

Whether your dog is suffering from an illness, recovering from an injury, or in perfect health, it pays to bring your beloved pet over to Saskatoon Waterpaws for a healthy swim in our pool. Over the course of more than 15 years in the business, we have come across a wide variety of pet lovers in Regina and Saskatoon, SK and their wonderful dogs.

We are one with the dog lover community. As part of our legacy, we sponsor and support programs promoted by SPCA, New Hope Dog Rescue, Size Small Rescue, Saskatoon Dog Rescue, We All Need a Rescue, Street Cats and more.

Take it from dog lovers who have discovered an innovative approach to making their dogs happy and healthy. Allow us to share some of the amazing stories from our swimmers:

The intro swim was all my dog needed to gain the confidence to go swimming in the water all by herself. The trainer was friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. She gently eased my dog into the warm water one paw at a time. We are very happy with our experience at Saskatoon Waterpaws!
I am so happy and I had to share some incredible news about Casey and I couldn’t wait for her appointment with you on Saturday. I took her to the university yesterday again to meet with the vet who specializes in physiotherapy, when we first got there she seemed interested in discussing surgery because she had read the report the previous vet had made on Casey’s situation a month earlier. At the end she was surprised at the strength of her leg and said there was very little movement in her knee now, she was expecting it to be a lot worse because only one month earlier there was a quite a bit of movement. Her hips are starting to straighten and she is using her leg almost normally now. She doesn’t have the full range of motion that most dogs do, but I believe it is getting better and she isn’t that far off from normal. She still places most of her weight on her front legs and back right but I notice her using the left leg a lot more all the time. 
I wish every dog slated for knee surgery could try swimming with you instead, it might save a lot of dogs a lot of pain. Casey really is one of your success stories. Thank you so much. See you Saturday.
I found waterpaws about 2 months ago when I inherited my grandma’s 12 year old yorkie. Toblerone was in desperate need of grooming but because of her age and mobility issues a groomer was hard to find… but then we found waterpaws! The groomer is so kind and gentle with her and she looks like a new dog! We then registered Toblerone and Daisy for hydrotherapy… our hope was to strengthen Toblerone’s front shoulder (it constantly collapsed making it impossible for her to walk) and for Daisy to lose some weight. After only 5 sessions Toblerone is now able to walk 7 blocks and do stair with ease! We are truly grateful for all the hard work and love waterpaws has done for our dogs!
We started bringing Attie swimming after a recommendation from our vet. She had a knee injury that we were worried could only be fixed with surgery. She was barely using her hind leg, limping a lot and losing muscle mass every day. Broke my heart to watch her that way. I made an appointment and was anxious to see how she did her first day in the pool. Attie is always willing to try something new so sporting her life jacket and after some encouraging from Ruila, the great trainer, she stepped off the ramp and started paddling!
Being a bulldog, swimming isn’t the most natural instinct but after some practice and building more muscle back, she is now doing laps all by herself. Pretty proud parents here! After just a few sessions, we’ve seen major improvement in her hind leg. The muscle is rebuilding and she is totally back to her old self, running around like a goofball. The therapy and massage has been such a better option than surgery for us. We can’t thank Waterpaws enough for their help and dedication to getting Attie comfortable in the water and now swimming like any other dog! She loves it and we get to watch her enjoy the pool. And better yet, she is on the healing path! I’d recommend this place to anybody!
We’ve been sending our minature poodle to waterpaws for grooming and we absolutely love it. Tracy is always very patient and careful, she listens to what customer really want. High recommended!

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